Communications is ever-evolving…
Your personal and professional goals depend on it…
What are you doing to stay aware and master it?


No matter what you’re doing today, it is quite likely that the same task would be handled a very different way just 30 years ago.  Take a look for yourself.

When you apply for a job today, you most likely submit your resume to an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which filters your resume according to a set of codes before human eyes even glance at it.  Just a few decades ago, it was common to mail in your application or apply on location for an opportunity.  Even smaller companies can benefit from this new ATS technology that tremendously cuts down communications between applicants and human resource staff, thus, saving companies money by increasing productivity.

If you’re running late for an appointment with a friend today, you can send a quick text – one that is probably already auto-programmed in your smartphone.  A few decades ago, your friend would simply wait for you since cell phones weren’t even popular.  Companies have also found ways to leverage text messaging and cellphones through a variety of marketing techniques.

When looking for the perfect attire for an evening out in the past, you went to the mall, where you had multiple stores to choose from and shop around.  Today, you can shop all your favorite stores right from your tablet and discover some stores you have never visited in person.  Retail companies, both large and small, are aware of this and have created website that “talk” to you;  some site even include your name when you visit or suggest items you might like to help companies optimize sales.

As a consumer, you need to understand how to make your resume speak to the software that reviews it first.  As a leader of an organization, you need to understand the importance of ATS.  As a consumer, you need to be courteous to your friend who awaits. As a leader of an organization, you need to be courteous to consumers who opt in to receive text messages from your company.  As a consumer, you need to understand shopping safety online while navigating various stores to find the right attire at the right price.  As a leader of an organization, you need to understand how to optimize your online retail store to serve customers.

Though all of this is not rocket science, it is the science of communications – affecting individuals and organizations.