What I love most about working with organizations is helping them become more human.  I write for organizations of all sizes as they reach their communications goals whether that involves customer care strategy development, survey development, qualitative research, interviewing, job analysis, marketing pieces, or company storytelling, etc.  My experience in writing for healthcare, nonprofits, and education-related industries strengthened my ability to write caring, sincere messages that speak directly to readers.  I’ve worked directly with C-suite level executives as well as entrepreneurs.  These experiences along with education have given me a well-rounded background on how to help leaders define or redefine an organization’s communications strategy.

Organizational communications are complex, but my trained eyes and ears can help organizations pen the perfect message to make an impact in the marketplace.  How an organization is received is critical to its success.  Thus, an organization must continually work on its brand both internally and externally.   Writing is a huge part of it all. 

When writing for organizations, I often work hand-in-hand with the marketing team or marketing person, depending on the project.  Sometimes, I get to do really neat writing assignments like the following:

  • Developing a communications strategy
  • Updating a marketing plan
  • Interviewing subject matter experts for job design
  • Crafting email marketing letters to be distributed to connections

If you are a leader of an organization interested in hiring a writing consultant, Monica would be more than happy to speak with you.  Please take a moment and set up a complimentary consultation.