Content is king in the world of publishing whether online or in print.  After all, you got to keep your readers tuned in for more.  Successful publishers know this and stay ahead by delivering accordingly.

If you’re a publisher, let’s talk. Really. You can save time and money working with me on an as-needed basis to deliver the stories your readers want.  I have written news, features, and columns for newspapers, magazines, niche newsletters, and blogs throughout the nation for the past decade.  With such vast experience, I can write the heart-felt pieces needed to touch a small community as well as the straight-up investigative reports uncovering political scandals in urban areas and everything in between.

Psst… I recently began offering bi-weekly columns, The Rural Entrepreneur: Making it Big in a Small Town and Two Weeks’ Notice: The Love-Hate Relationship We Have With Work.  The Rural Entrepreneur discusses small businesses in rural places throughout the United States. Two Weeks’ Notice combine interviews from experts, experiences, and education to discuss work issues every American faces whether self-employed or employed in an organization.  If you are interested in publishing a column, please schedule a publisher’s consultation to speak with me first to make sure the column of interest is a good fit for your publication.

As a freelance journalist, let me know if I can help your organization by:

  • Writing feature stories relevant to your community
  • Interviewing your local experts to go in-depth on issues
  • Researching facts for news stories you are investigating
  • Interviewing your local citizens for people-focused stories

If you are a publisher, I would be more than happy to speak with you and share some of my published articles for your review.  Please take a moment and set up a complimentary consultation.